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Excpy App Will Give Visitors A Different Experience At GIF

07-Feb-2017 | By Excpy

Excpy an app designed and built in Bahrain by Relocent Technologies have partnered with Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions to deliver a “visitor guide “ via mobile.

“The Excpy App allows for companies at the Exhibition to guide their customers to their stand either directionally or through targeted adverts or messages “ says Founding Partner of Relocent Technologies Sanu Kuruvilla

By understanding the subscriber's preferences, Excpy searches for products that wouldinterest the visitor and lets them know about it when they are close by. It also allows the user of the App to search for things around them and provides directions to these places. The app uses advanced algorithms to ensure users are guided to products and services of preference

The installation for the Gulf Industry Fair at the Bahrain Exhibition Centre by Excpy will includethe creation of a virtual GeoFence around the venue. Whenever the user crosses the GeoFence they will experience a branded “Gulf Industry Fair” stream of information. Even if the user is outside the venue but within Bahrain, they are able see this stream and select cards within the “Gulf Industry Fair” branded stream to receive information and direction.

“ At the Gulf Industry Fair, you can use Excpy to search for the Exhibitors around you. You can also browse through all the exhibitor related information and use the “Get Directions” feature to navigate you to their stalls. “ says Jubran Abdulrahman , Managing Director of event organisers Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions. “We are excited at piloting this App, which is “Made in Bahrain” at our Exhibition which will give a new experience for Exhibitors to access information and contacts of the companies at the Exhibition and Conferences “ adds Mr Abdulrahman

Visitors to GIF, downloading the App can also take advantage of the App in their daily shopping experience in Malls and retail outlets across Bahrain.

The Excpy app is available free of charge from