Press Release

Excpy to Beta Launch at GITEX Technology Week 2016

15-Oct-2016 | By Excpy

Excpy, a GCC based startup, announces their plan to beta launch at the Gitex Technology Week 2016 in Dubai, UAE. Excpy focuses on connecting digital content to physical spaces and indexing brands, locations and events at a citywide level.

Opening up for UAE and Bahrain, at the GITEX Startup Movement, the beta release of the app focuses on smartly indexing businesses, their products or services into actual physical spaces over the next quarter.

As an app, Excpy feeds content that is relevant to a user and allows them to discover places to eat, shop, events etc. Users can even get directions, either outdoor or indoor to these places.

“Our vision is to change the way people experience digital content in relation to the physical world around them.” said Excpy’s cofounder, Sanu Kuruvilla R.

Brands and marketers can use Excpy to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time and place. Excpy also introduces a new feature that will disrupt the way retail looks at data and insights - an engine to provides qualitative business intelligence on audience and location data.

The founders of Excpy have announced the platform against the backdrop of the Gitex Technology Week. “ The attendees of the event are the most discerning, qualified and technically savvy group of executives involved in tec hnology in the region,” said co-founder Paul Poulose.

“The platform’s positive response is testimony to the fact that such a platform is not only required but also addresses the most important n eeds of brands and consumers.” he concluded.

The Excpy application is currently available for Android users and will soon be introduced in the iTunes store.