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What is Excpy Pro?

Excpy Pro to a business or a content marketeer, provides a unique platform at a citywide level to connect the right content to the right person at the right place in the right time.

It also provides qualitative insights and analytics to user behaviour based on interaction with content and the actual physical location.

Powerful Data

Excpy Pro also provides qualitative insights and analytics to user behaviour based on interaction with content and the actual physical location.

Excpy Pro is an intelligent, learning and growing system. Excpy’s world is an experience platform built around content delivery and discovery.

By being sensitive to relevance Excpy Pro delivers a great experience to users, becoming a trusted advisor, their very own personal genie.

Why Excpy Pro?

The platform transforms the marketing process into a more targeted experience. It is centered around the individual and is purpose built to be user-centric.

A Platform for Relevant and Measurable Results

Excpy Pro allows businesses to target users with relevant content based on the data gathered from the experience engine.

Excpy Pro allows a business to measure results on the interaction of users with their content, footfalls to their location and overall campaign analytics.

Targeting and Triggering

“Excpy has a One on One relationship with its users, it is a companion, a concierge and a trusted advisor.”

People are always open to ads and marketing messages that matter to them. We’ve focused on creating a platform built with the mission of perfecting the targeting and triggering process in marketing.

Beyond seeing customers as a demographic or a community, we’re focused on individuals. Our systems and platform is designed and developed around this idea. Excpy Pro moves away from community building and boils down to direct relationships between the app and the user.

Features and Benefits

Digital to Physical

Excpy connects the digital space with the physical. It indexes your business, brand or location along with appropriate keywords. When a user searches for a product, offer or event like a search engine, Excpy lists out your brand, store or event and gives directions to the user both indoor and outdoor.

Targeted Communication

Excpy is able to reach the right person when he or she is in proximity to your location with the right message. It provides the right interface to you as a business or a marketeer to prepare these targeted messages and feed them at the right time to the user.

Analytics and Insights

Excpy is focused at producing measurable results. Through the dashboard, Excpy is able to not only give insight into views and clicks but also time spent and frequency of visits of users broken up by demographics.

Branded Streams

A brand, business or event can have its own branded feed at their location. Excpy does this by Geo-Fencing that location. When a user crosses this virtual fence, a new stream of content specific to that location is introduced into Excpy for the user.

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