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Use Excpy to discover groovy offers, fun events and exciting things to do around the city. Simply download the app, register and get started.

What is Excpy?

Ever lost out on potential offers, felt lost in a mall or frustrated because you couldn’t remember the name of that restaurant? Excpy is a mobile app that changes the way you experience things around you.

By understanding your preferences, Excpy searches for things that would interest you and lets you know when you happen to be close by. It also allows you to search for things around you and provides directions, either indoor or outdoor to these places.

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Why Excpy?

Whenever you need a guide to help you find a place that sells something you like, places to eat or want to know the latest offers, you don’t need to search through multiple apps or websites, simply use Excpy.

Excpy, focuses on relevance and will not bombard you with content that has no relevance, it focuses on things that have context to your life. By understanding your preferences and being aware of your location, it ensures that the right content is presented to you at all times. Excpy is all about helping you discover great experiences.

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Features and Benefits

Personal Guide

Excpy delivers personalized content because it understands your preferences and interests and delivers it based on where you are located.

City Guide

Excpy keeps an eye out on brands and events throughout the city – so if you’re looking for a great place to eat, or a product that you want, Excpy can find the place and give you directions


If there’s something you’d like Excpy to particularly remember and remind you when you are close by, you can always add it to lists. Excpy keeps an eye out for that and reminds you the next time you happen to be close by.


Excpy notifies you when you come by a place of interest or if things that are of interest are close by.

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